photo by Alan Giddy at Discharge (2018), AD Space

7 Minutes in Heaven


Video projection on sculpture, live performance

Duration 7 minutes, variable dimensions

(In her) experimental work 7 Minutes in Heaven, Celine Cheung performs romantic acts on a sculptural composite face created by 3D modelling a selection of her past-flames faces. 

In Motion Festival 2018: Rhythm   

In a performance that renders violation and tenderness indistinguishable, I intend to expose the raw awkwardness when the secret of a crush is brought into light and the strangeness when wet dreams invade reality.


The sculptural component of the work consists of a blank mask aglow with a projection of a blinking face. This uncanny visage is an animated composite image of all those who had been objects of my affection, whose images I collected from their social media profiles.